Preventive Safety and Comprehensive Risk Management Solutions

Driving risk made contextual and comprehensive

By adding real-time driving data, Kruzr facilitates insurers to perceive driver behaviour better and build accurate understanding of the risk exposure.

Driving behaviour relative to real-time conditions

Kruzr’s proprietary technology fuses driving data (acceleration, braking, etc.) with real-time traffic and weather data. This context adds meaning to telematics data.

Comprehend Mobile Phone Distractions

Mobile phone distractions account for 25% accidents, and growing. By mapping phone usage to current speed, Kruzr helps identify high-risk patterns of the driver.

Predict instances of drowsy driving

Kruzr’s machine learning algorithms predict the tiredness of the driver by profiling last rest taken, trip duration, speed profile, and multiple other factors which contribute to fatigue.

Measure risk from accident hot-spots

Mobile phone distractions account for 25% accidents, and growing. By mapping phone usage to current speed, Kruzr helps identify high-risk patterns of the driver.

Kruzr Safety Score

Relative Speeding


The platform in order to determine speeding by the driver, considers factors such as current traffic speed, free- flow speed, weather to estimate visibility, traction and road type. The safety score is calculated relative to the driver’s variation to ideal speed range.

Fatigue Level


To predict the driver fatigue level their sleep patterns, daily driving time, current trip duration and external conditions are continuous profiled. Scores are based on our Machine Learning algorithms.

Distraction Score


The mobile phone usage is mapped with speed and traffic conditions to identify high-risk patterns and create an accurate distraction score.

Hard Acceleration & Braking​


Phone’s motor sensors and GPS data are processed and analyzed to identify instances of hard breaking and acceleration. This data is mapped to driving context.

Hard Turns​


Similar to hard acceleration and braking score, the algorithms analyze motion sensors and GPS data to identify when drivers have made hard turns.

Aggressive Lane Change​


The algorithms process high frequency motion sensor data to identify when the driver makes abrupt lane changes.

  • Driving Assistance
  • Speeding
  • Drowsy
  • Distraction Management
  • Accident Hot-Spots

Improve your customer's safety with preventive tools

Kruzr not only adds context to driving data, it identifies preventable risk factors like relative speed, fatigue, and accident hot-spots in real-time.

This enables the driver apps (integrated in the apps via SDKs) to actively guide the drivers to understand and avoid potential accident situations.

Suggest the safe driving speed range

Kruzr continiously profiles the driver’s speed against current traffic speed, factors in visibility, traction, and type of road to estimate a safe speed range.

When the risk from speeding becomes significant, Kruzr suggests the safe speed range to drive at, in current conditions. Guidance through voice and visually.

Guide Drivers To Take a Break When Tired

After 30 minutes of driving, Kruzr starts profiling the trip for drivers’ fatigue. By measuring the sleep pattern, daily driving time and current trip details along with city road or highway. The Machine Learning algorithms predict driver fatigue levels. 

Once it reaches a threshold, the app guides drivers to take a coffee break.

Tools for drivers to avoid un-necessary distractions

Kruzr enables drivers to configure their driving experience by defining which calls they want to receive, which messages be read-out.

Most distractions are unimportant and can wait. Our tools allow drivers to customize it as per their requirements and comfort.

Help drivers avoid known accident hot-spots

Patches of roads which see a disproportionately high accidents are mapped in most geographies.

With Kruzr, you can now guide the drivers to be prepared for these, before they encounter these high-risk situations.

Going Beyond Telematics

New age technology solutions such as the Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistance have the potential to re-define the motor insurance sector. Telematics was the genesis, but there’s a lot more to come.

Customer First

Kruzr’s safety offerings are designed to make driving safer for everyone. This unique offering from insurers to their customers helps boost adoption and unlock new horizons for technology in motor insurance.

Solving the challenges of Insurers

By engaging with drivers every day, insurers begin building long-term relationships with their customers. Safety guidance will help reduce accidents, and thereby claims. A win-win for all.

Better understanding of risk

By adding fatigue and distraction scores, and fusing real-time information, our data insights are more complete. This helps actuarial and underwriting teams build accurate models.

Let’s invent future of driving. Together.

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